Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Scanning marathon

This morning the power was out because of an overnight thunder storm. So I went into Grand Rapids and scanned more than 300 pages of Zernikav onto my thumb drive. My goal is to have all 1100 pages of it entered by next week--I have about 300 more to go.

Then I face the next problem: how to turn the scans into a computer file. I have a copy of OmniPage Pro 14 that I've tried as an experiment. It won't recognize some of the characters from 18th century books, such as the fancy "s", the "ct", and the "ae". So I'm weighing the pros and cons of simply typing the entire 1100 pages, vs. scanning and a careful check.


  1. Hello, Father,

    Woudn't a scan be better? We'll have to go through and translate it and inevitably make a careful check.

  2. Once you use your OCR scanner to read the original, Spell-Check will help you discover many of the problems you are concerned about. That will take some of the tediousness away from the careful check you will have to do anyways.