Friday, June 18, 2010

18 June 2010

I scanned some 30 more pages at the GR public library the other day, bringing the total number of pages scanned to 373. Also, I've begun the tedious task of typing (how's that for alliteration?) the manuscript pages into a Nota Bene file. Why Nota Bene? It's capable of multiple levels/kinds of notes, and is well suited to academic works. Besides, I've had it for some years and want to learn better how to use the program.

As I skim the work when printing and numbering the pages, there is a fair amount that will doubtless seem tedious to the casual reader: Zernikav details the edition and page number(s) from which he culls his excerpts. When it comes time to translate such passages, I'm likely to put those details down as footnotes, rather than leaving them in the body of the text. I think that if Zernikav were writing today, that's how he'd do it. I'd also like to start compiling a list of the authors he cites, and try to find up-to-date editions of them in order to make it easier for those who wish to follow the trail of breadcrumbs to do so.

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